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But who are we?

T21 started life a couple of years ago as a Sales Training company, and in that short space of time we’ve grown to become much more.

In a nutshell, here’s what we offer:

  • Sales Training for Business Owners
  • Retail Sales Training for Shop Floor Staff
  • Commercial Agility & Negotiation Training for Field Sales Teams
  • Product Training for Manufacturers & Resellers
  • Consultative Sales Skills Training for those who want to go the extra mile

And we deliver this directly through instructor-led courses built just for you, or through an eLearning platform developed exclusively for your business by our award-winning in-house team.

But it doesn’t stop there!

We’ve recently widened our portfolio of services to include

  • Business Development & Strategy-Building
  • Video & media production
  • Website design and Integration
  • Field Marketing & Promotional Agency Services

That is a lot of stuff, and it’s all focused on one thing:

Growing your business by increasing your sales and improving your profits.

Increase sales? Really? How?

Simple. We upskill your sales team to be better. Better at negotiating terms and conditions. Better at selling your products and services. Better at retaining customers, finding new customers and adding value to every transaction. We’ve found that our sales training not only helps businesses achieve better results in commercial terms, it also helps to motivate and inspire your sales team. Is that important? Of course it is, because when you have a well-motivated, well-trained and inspired sales team leading the front-line of your business, you grow, your customers stick with you and your staff stick with you too.

Excited co-workers

So what about profits? How do you manage that?

Every business needs to make a profit. We all know that yet it’s surprising how much profit is given away in the race to make a sale, particularly in crowded, competitive markets. Customers are shrewd and savvy, arguably more so these days, and far too many sales people will give away profit far too easily. Fact is there are ways to ensure that you make a healthy profit with every sale, and you can do so without compromising your customer service or your supplier-buyer relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business just starting out (believe us, we know!) or a multi-million-pound corporate organisation with multiple subsidiaries, the ability to generate sales and profit is critical – so it makes sense to get it absolutely right. Right?

In addition to our award-winning training team we also have on hand a team of experienced business experts who can work with you to evaluate your internal processes and operations and then advise and help implement strategies to tighten things up. It’s surprising how making a few simple changes to the way you run your business can benefit the business as a whole. Quite often business owners don’t see the improvements that can be made, why new processes should be introduced and how new ways of working can make a difference. There’s no mystery in that – it’s usually a consequence of being unable to view the business from an objective perspective because you’re so close to it. So our business development experts look deep into the operational running of your business and then offer suggestions on strategies focused on making your business work better for you, your team and your customers.


IER Best Industry Training 2016, Awarded for our groundbreaking elearning platform for our clients, RETRA

Through our extended range of services there’s plenty we can help you with, and it’s all focused on business improvement, because in the end, that’s what great training is all about. It’s about being better, and being the best at what you do so that everybody wins.

If you want to check us out you’ll find more detailed info on our company website here

Of course we’d love it if you’d like to talk to us about your training needs, so do feel free to get in touch. Easiest way is to click to send us an email and give us a number we can call you back on at a time convenient to you.

We’re still growing, and we intend to continue to grow, so we’re always on the lookout for more clients.  If you want to grow your business too, then please get in touch. Here are some of the companies we’ve worked (and continue to work) with in our two heady years of continued success.







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