Hughes Project Update…

hughes-logoThe Hughes Project nears it’s final stages. We’ve built the website and we’ve completed the online training content populating just a part of it. Some lucky, nominated Beta Testers across the various Hughes business locations are putting the thing through its paces, and in a couple of weeks time this massive online resource (to date, the largest project we’ve undertaken) will shine like a newborn Star of Awesome.

Which means there’s just one thing left to do…

Make the movies!


Yes, next week we’ll be filming four training videos at Hughes Electrical’s flagship store at Norwich Hall Road. The training films will slot into the ‘Sales Process’ training course we’ve already built into the site and we’re really looking forward  to this exciting part of the process.

The scripts have been written and approved, so now it’s just a question of making them into films. We have actors booked for the main roles, we have extras ready to step into the breach, and we have a director – none other than the legendary Mark McGann.

T21’s MD (and screenwriter) Paul Laville will be on site at Hughes Hall Road, but the production will be managed by Doubleshot: after all, they know what they’re doing, and we’ve worked with them before. We have absolute confidence that they’ll deliver.

Says Paul: “Doubleshot delivered beyond expectation on the training films we made for our clients retra last year so they were the natural choice when it came to producing the  films we wanted for Hughes. I think these scripts are more challenging, but from our preliminary conversations pre-shoot, it seems Doubleshot are up for it. Can’t wait to join them in Norwich and see the films brought to life.”

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram streams to see how filming progresses on location. We’ll update here on the blog once the films are in the can!


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